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Alsace Environment

  • Alsace has a pleasant climat and is one of the driest region of France.
  • On the other hand, Alsace is one of the biggest when it comes to population density, especially in its main urban areas : Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar.
  • Alsace also has a lot of beautiful rural areas where to live and number of village houses for those looking to spend some time in the region.

Alsace Climate
Climate Type
Semi-continental with strong amplitudes, microclimat sunny and dry.

Average temperature
Summer:18°c, Winter: 2°c.

Average sunshine
During summer levels of sunshine are comparable to those seen in the towns of southern France.

Average rainfall
Summer: 72mm, Winter: 35mm.
Equivalent to 550 mm per year in Colmar the second dryest town of France.
Alsace Population
Alsace consists of 1 817 000 inhabitants.
Population estimation by 2030: increase of 12% to reach 2 millions inhabitants.

Population density
209 inhabitants per compared to the total of France of 108,2 inhabitants per
Alsace is the 3rd french region with the biggest density.

Population age range
30,8 % of the population is 25 years old or less.
18,3% of population is 60 years old or more.

Alsace region accounts for about 130 000 foreigners, the equivalent of 7,4% of the total regional population and 4% of the total foreigners in France.
Alsace is the 6th region of France for the number of foreigners.
German represent 16 000 people.
Housing in Alsace
Housing Stock
More than 807 000 houses in Alsace.

Second homes
Total number of second homes are equivalent to 2,4% of all housing.

Current Trend
1,4% of additionnal houses every year, one of the highest expansion in France.
Residential housing stock increases two times quicker than population growth in Alsace.
This is equivalent to an increase of 30% for habitation against 12% for population by 2030.

62,84% of owners among all housing.

Average Property prices
Haut Rhin: Sale=2002,7 €/m² Rent= 8,47 €/m²/month.
Bas Rhin:Sale= 2577,6 € /m², Rent=9,64 €/ m²/month.
Urban Areas in Alsace
Surface area
Urban areas account for 81% of all Alsace.

Population repartition
Urban areas account for 93% of all Alsace inhabitants.
Alsace is the 3rd most urbanized French region.

Regional Capital
Strasbourg with more than 263 900 inhabitants.

Mains urban areas
Mulhouse(+ 110000 inhabitants), Colmar(+65 000 inhabitants).
Rural Areas in Alsace
Surface area
Rural areas account for 19% of all Alsace.

Population repartition
Rural areas account for 7% of inhabitants.

Mains rural areas
Fessenheim(+ 2000 inhabitants), Rhinau (+ 2300 inhabitants).

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