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Aquitaine Environment

  • The Aquitaine region, located in the South West of France is appreciated for its pleasant climate throughout the year and especially for its warm weather in summer.
  • Aquitaine provides its population and visitors with a good environment and an excellent life quality. Aquitaine is the largest french region but quite under populated.
  • All its inhabitants are mainly gathered in the urbans area, such as Bordeaux or Pau, whereas countryside and seaside areas carry on to attract more and more foreigners and especially the British, every year.

Aquitaine Climate
Climate Type
Mild coastal, humid.

Average temperature
Summer:22°c, Winter 5°c.

Average sunshine
2,200 hours per year.(Bordeaux)

Average rainfall
Summer: 50mm, Winter 120mm. Equivalent to 947 mm per year(Bordeaux.
Aquitaine Population
Aquitaine consists of 2 908 359 inhabitants equivalent to 5% of the total French population.
Population estimation by 2030: increase of 16% to reach 3,6 millions inhabitants

Population density
70 inhabitants per compared to the total of France of 108,2 inhabitants per

Population age range
29 % of the population is 25 years old or less.
19 % of population is 65 years old or more.

More than 1 million of the population is considerated as foreigner people.
Housing in Aquitaine
Housing Stock
More than 1,5 millions of habitations in Aquitaine.

Second homes
Total number of second homes are equivalent to 12% of all housing.

Current Trend
Constant increase of + 1,7 % every year for primary residence and +2,5% for second residence.

62,84% of owners among all housing.

Average Property prices
Gironde: Sale=2791,21€/m2 Rent= 11,22€/m2/month.
Lot et Garonne: Sale= 1648,48€/m2 .
Pyrénées Atlantique: Sale= 3112,91€/m2 Rent =9,62€/m2/mth.
Dordogne : Sale= 1768,61€/m2 Rent= 8,54€/m2/month.
Landes :Sale= 3229,25€/m2.
Urban Areas in Aquitaine
Surface area
Urban areas account for 17% of all Aquitaine.

Population repartition
Urban areas account for 70% of all Aquitaine inhabitants.

Regional Capital
Bordeaux with more than 753 000 inhabitants.

Mains urban areas
Pau (+181000 inhabitants), Bayonne (+179000 inhabitants).
Rural Areas in Aquitaine
Surface area
Rural areas account for 83% of all Aquitaine.

Population repartition
Rural areas account for less than 1/3 of inhabitants.

Mains rural areas
Labouheyre (+2500 inhabitants, Tosse (+2600 inhabitants.

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