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Corsica Information Guide

Corsica is a beautiful island which offers plenty of breathtaking beaches, as well sandy beaches as pebbles or cliffs. Inland further diverse landscapes can be found. Driving up the steep climbs and around sharp hairpin bends through the jagged mountains can be exhilarating. Half of these mountains are snow-capped for almost the entire year. The mid-level mountains are covered in maquis - a mix of harsh and resilient bushes including broom, gorse, juniper, laurel and myrtle mixed with the strong aroma-giving plants like asphodel, cistus, heather, lavender, thyme and sage (which provide the spice in Corsican cooking). Pine and chestnut forests cover the craggy mountains and olive groves fill the valleys.

About Corsica Corsica Statistics
Informative description of the Corsica. Selection of figures and statistics concerning the region.
Population & Demographics Geography
Regional population & demographics information. Geographical information about Corsica.
History Economy
Discover the rich history of the region. Information about the economy of Corsica.

Corsica Tourism & Lifestyle

View our tourist information and tips about what to do when visiting the Corsica region. Discover the true identity of this beautiful area, find useful information about travel, accommodation, gastronomy & everyday life in the region.

Tourism Travel & Transport
General tourist information about the region. Important travel information, covering travel by road, rail, air & sea.
Hotels Holidays
Information about hotels in Corsica. Useful information for planning holidays in Corsica.
Golf Food and Gastronomy
Find the best golf courses throughout the region. Discover the many regional gastronomic delights.
Weather and Climate Corsica Wines
Learn about the climate & typical weather of this lovely French region. Learn about the Patrimonio and Sartene wines.

Corsica Property Information

The Corsica region can be an excellent location to buy a second home or buy-to-let. Rental opportunities are fairly good in the beauty island and thanks to beautiful wether, holidays are enjoyable all year long.

Corsica Property Portal
Learn about the different property styles, architecture & properties for sale in this region of France.

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