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Paris Ile-de-France Information Guide

The Ile-de-France region includes the city of Paris and the surrounding area. It is one of the smallest regions geographically, covering only 2% of the total area of France, but its 11 million inhabitants, represent almost 19% of the French population, making Ile-de-France one of the most populated urban areas in Europe.

Paris is a beautiful city. It has everything a city lover could possibly desire. Chic little boutiques and huge department stores, wonderful art galleries and performance spaces, superb restaurants, and huge flea and antique markets. There are elegant squares and pretty parks and the Seine must be the most romantic waterfront in the world.

Paris is certainly an ideal place for those living in central London to have a second, albeit second urban, home. It's an easy weekend trip by Eurostar and bought in advance tickets are very cheap. For those used to London, Paris seems a lot smaller and manageable. Even though the Metro map looks like a bowl of spaghetti, it's very fast, efficient, clean and once you get to grips with it, easy to navigate.

About Paris Ile-de-France Paris Ile-de-France Statistics
Informative description of the Paris Ile-de-France. Selection of figures and Statistics concerning the region.
Population & Demographics Geography
Regional population & demographics information. Geographical information about Paris Ile-de-France.
History Economy
Discover the rich history of the region. Information about the economy of Paris Ile-de-France.

Paris Ile-de-France Tourism & Lifestyle

View our tourist information and tips about what to do when visiting the Paris Ile-de-France region. Discover the true identity of this beautiful area, find useful information about travel, accommodation, gastronomy & everyday life in the region.

Tourism Travel & Transport
General tourist information about the region. Important travel information, covering travel by road, rail, air & sea.
Hotels Holidays
Information about hotels in Paris Ile-de-France. Useful information for planning holidays in Paris Ile-de-France.
Golf Food and Gastronomy
Find the best golf courses throughout the region. Discover the many regional gastronomic delights.
Weather and Climate Paris Ile-de-France Wines
Learn about the climate & typical weather of this lovely French region. Learn about Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

Paris Ile-de-France Property Information

Paris Ile-de-France offers a very large range of house types and property prices. You will find as well luxury second-house as small apartment for a buy-to-let investment. Prices in Paris itself are rather prohibitive, however outside the city there are excellent bargains to be driven.

Paris Ile-de-France Property Portal
Learn about the different property styles, architecture & properties for sale in this region of France.

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