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Alsace Kougelhopf Pudding

The Alsace Kougelhopf cake is an essential part of this French region's gastronomy. As this local brioche always features at family Sunday breakfasts and get-togethers in the North-East of France, bakeries even compete to offer the best Kougelhopf!

This light pudding has been symbolizing the Alsace region of for years. Spelled kouglof, kougelhof, gougelhof, gougelhopf or more commonly kougelhopf, this sweet bread remains one of French gourmets' favourites! Both its surprising shape and tangy taste have made this "upside down" fruit cake a traditional Alsatian souvenir that visitors usually bring back home.

The original recipe introduced by Queen Marie Antoinette includes raisins and almonds, but you can now taste the Alsatian Kougelhopf filled with dried fruits, or even bacon and cheese to enjoy before dinner as the typical French aperitif.

Anyway, what makes it definitely irresistible and typically Alsatian is its surprising shape! The best result is obtained when the famous French pudding is cooked in the authentic Kougelhopf mould. Indeed, either ceramic or terracotta, this special round bread pan is part as well of the regional traditions - and that is why you can find it only in the Alsace region!


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