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The Centre region is worldwide renowned for its beautiful Châteaux de la Loire. The Loire River, the last wild river in Europe, is famous to be the royal river. The whole Centre region has been influenced by Kings’ stays during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The region is also called the 'France Garden', as much for its delicious fruits and vegetables, as for its beautiful flowered parks and gardens.

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Informative description of Burgundy.

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View our tourist information and tips about what to do when visiting the Centre region. Discover the true identity of this beautiful area, find useful information about travel, accommodation, gastronomy & everyday life in the region.


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Centre region Wines

Learn about the wines from Touraine, from Centre and from Orleans.

Centre Region Property Information

The Centre region is an excellent alternative to the capital city. Located at only some hundreds kilometres from Paris, house prices in the area are very affordable in comparison to the French average, and even more if compared to the French capital. Moreover, you will be delighted by its beautiful landscapes, medieval towns and castles that can be found across the entire region.

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Learn about the different property styles, architecture & properties for sale in this region of France.

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