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Lorraine, in the far north-east, is often called the Pays de Trois Frontières (the land of three frontiers) as it shares borders with Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Geologically, western Lorraine is composed of rolling hills of clay separated by the north-south running limestone ridges of the Côtes de Meuse and Côtes de Moselle. The heavy soils of these rolling plains support mixed farming: dairy, oats, and wheat and the ridges have worked as defensive barriers during the many times that Lorraine has been threatened with attack.

The cities of Metz, Nancy, Verdun, Thionville, and Toul are route centres and fortress cities defending the gaps in the ridges. Between 1871 and 1918, the department of Moselle in the east was annexed, along with Alsace, by Germany following France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War. It was again controlled by Germany from 1940 to 1945. The bloodiest battle of World War I - the Battle for Verdun - took place on Lorraine's unfortunate soil.

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The Lorraine region can be an excellent location to buy a second home or buy-to-let, as house prices are very affordable. Inexpensive, village houses and farmhouses in need of restoration can be found. Lorraine located at the crossroads of Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.

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