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With unspoilt shores, plains and forests, canals and rivers the region is a haven for anyone who enjoys fishing and water sports. It's also an ideal place for cycling and riding. Horse riding is an important regional sport and Chantilly is the country's thoroughbred capital. The Grandes Ecuries, next to the racecourse, stables 240 of the country's finest horses. Archery has also been a popular sport since the Middle Ages and there's a major archery festival each spring. For golfing enthusiasts there are some of the best golf courses in the whole of France to choose from.

Picardy is the cradle of gothic art with six splendid cathedrals and numerous churches and abbeys. Amiens, Beauvais, Laon, Senlis, Noyon and Soissons are known for their massive cathedrals and the beautiful old towns of all these towns remain very much living and working places and not just heritage centres. To the south, the châteaux Chantilly and Compiègne are nestled in a large forest that once extended from Paris to the eastern frontier.

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