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Limousin is a gorgeous region of France which is more and more renowned amongst foreigners but still little-known by Frenchmen. With its stunning landscapes and strong culinary traditions, this region is still quite preserved. Picturesque villages, castles and fortresses are other gems to be discovered. A green area covered with woods, rivers, lakes and ponds, this is an ideal location for 'green tourism' and the practice of sports. This small region composed of only three départments will seduce any nature lover!

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About Limousin

Informative description of Limousin.

Limousin Population

Regional population & demographics information.


Discover the rich history of the region.


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Information about the economy of Limousin.

Limousin Tourism & Lifestyle

View our tourist information and tips about what to do when visiting Limousin. You will discover that this region has many facets while reading our pages and guides about travel, accommodation, gastronomy & everyday life in the region.


General touristic information about the region.

Travel & Transport

Important travel information, covering travel by road, rail, air & sea.


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Find the best golf courses throughout the region.

Food & Gastronomy

Discover the many regional gastronomic delights.


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Limousin Wine

Learn about the great wines from Limousin.

Limousin Property Information

Limousin is a region where anyone could be happy. Nature all around, food delights, calm atmosphere, good transport links, Limousin has everything. If you choose Limousin, you will not be disappointed. Rental opportunities and traditional property styles are available. Why not learn more - for free - by clicking below?

Limousin Property Portal

Learn about the different property styles, architecture & properties for sale in this region of France.

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