Alsace Sauerkraut

The Alsace Sauerkraut, named Choucroute in French, is one of the most typical dishes to enjoy in an Alsatian brasserie. This mouth-watering speciality of Alsace is a popular family dish prepared with white cabbage and pork meat.

This Alsatian dish widely called choucroute is originally prepared with potatoes and pickled sour cabbage - that could be marinated in regional white wine. The traditional recipe includes sausages, bacon, ham, and smoked meats.

That is one of the dishes that have made the Alsace region of France famous for its pork products. Indeed, from the typical cervelas to the well-known 'knack sausages', Alsatian food offers a wide range of tasty hams and sausages.

Nowadays, inventive variations of choucroute exist to satisfy everyone's taste. Even in traditional Alsatian brasseries, you can find sauerkraut with duck meat or with fish and seafood in the special Choucroute de la mer amongst others. All of these specialities of French gastronomy are even offered in many restaurants throughout the world. Sauerkraut has indeed become one of the best-known culinary jewels of Alsace and France.

To make the experience even more authentic, do try a glass of Riesling wine or an Alsatian beer to accompany your Choucroute! And for a final touch, why don't you taste the delicious Apple Strudel dessert? You will find further information about Alsace Food and Wine in's complete guide.


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