Alsace Apple Strudel

Alsatian gastronomy also includes excellent cakes such as the Apple Strudel, the Birewecks with dried fruits, and the Tarte Alsacienne with local fruits like "quetsches" (plums). Called Apfelstrudel in German, the Strudel - as it is usually named - is one of the delicious fruit cakes that people from the Alsace region of France like to relish at the end of a tasty regional meal.

According to the traditional recipe, the Apple Strudel is prepared with flour, egg, oil, apples, raisins (or sultanas), butter, sugar and mixed spices. This ancient Alsatian apple cake inspired by the Austrian gastronomy is quite easy to prepare but it is arguably one of the most delightful gourmet French desserts.

True Viennese Apple Strudel - which recalls the British apple pie - must be paper thin; that is why many cooks tend to use filo pastry to make a good wrapping and save time! Like most regional dishes, the original Strudel recipe can be amended. Why don't you surprise your taste buds and add some cinnamon, or zest and juice of lemon, and serve it with whipped cream or custard for the afternoon tea - like French people do for the goûter?

The authentic Alsace Strudel has become famous for its delicate layers of dough. In local restaurants or friendly brasseries, you will generally find the apple filling garnished with raisins or nuts. And, to experience another aspect of the regional French gastronomy, it is common to appreciate the Apple Strudel dessert with a sweet Alsace white wine.

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