Bordeaux White Wine

Aquitaine and Bordeaux are really nice places for the production of second-to-none quality wines. The weather, the rich soil and the local winemaking savoir-faire gather to create the best wines in the world.

  • Semillon: (Appellations: Montbazillac, Bergerac, Côtes de Bordeaux)
  • Sauvignon: (Appellations: Bordeaux Blanc, Bergerac)
  • Muscadelle: (Appellations: Vins de pays du Sud-Ouest Entre-deux- mers)

We can distinguish three types of varietals the Bordeaux finest wine is produced with:

  • Semillon

The Semillon is the most spread varietal in the French region of Bordeaux, thanks to its quality and its kind; this varietal can reach a certain maturity and gives tasteful grapes. This French wine is a powerful French wine that will acquire more flavour with the age. This Aquitaine wine of high quality like the Sauterne or Montbazillac fine white wine will be harmoniously sampled with foie gras or otherwise as aperitif.

  • Sauvignon White Wine

This varietal needs less sun than the previous one. Indeed this wine needs a pretty early harvest. It is particularly renowned for its freshness.

Bordeaux White Wine is a must.
  • Muscadelle

The Muscadelle white Bordelais wine needs an early harvest as well, in order to be really aromatic. These wines will accompany really sophisticated dish, particularly with white meat, and fishes.

The Aquitaine Bordeaux white wines will be appreciated with all kind of fishes and chicken. Their tastes will be particularly enjoyed during the aperitifs. Their freshness and delicacy will be in perfect harmony with the dessert as well.

Top Tip! Generally speaking, Bordeaux wines are renowned all over the world and appreciated for their weighty taste and powerful intensity. Their bouquet and finesse are enjoyed from all renowned cook. Discovering this kind of wine is like unveiling one of the greatest treasures of the French gastronomy.

The adventure lovers will even more appreciate following the route des vins (wine route) in Aquitaine, heading through the best wines cellar of France and the Bordeaux vineyards like in Saint Emilion. You will discover the Bordeaux wine making traditional process.

You will gaze at the beauty of the surrounding lovely villages, at the nature and at the vineyards while sampling these mysterious wines and other local specialities, a true happiness for the eyes and taste buds.

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