Three principal communes

Bordeaux (753,931)

Despite its remoteness Bordeaux is a bustling and cosmopolitan city. Built on the west bank of the River Garonne, it was formerly a great seaport but fell in decline after the Second World War following a drop in shipping requirements. Today it is affluent again and home to many new technological industries. An excellent mix of communities rub shoulders, making the city a buzzing and dynamic place to be: there are thousands of students, a large North African immigrant community, and many wealthy vineyard owners who pop into town from their nearby chateaux. There are plenty of museums, art galleries and fine restaurants, as well as lots of good cheap eateries.

Bayonne (178,965)

Just a few minutes outside the seaside resort of Biarritz is the Basque city of Bayonne. In Basque Bayonne means the good river. In some quarters of the city you will hear as much Basque (Euskadi) spoken as French. The tall half - timbered houses and the shutters of the riverside buildings are painted green and red - typically Basque. It's a small, pleasant city with deep narrow streets that are easy to get around on foot.

Pau (181,413)

Pau is a pretty flower-filled city with dramatic views of the Pyrenees. In the 19th century the English discovered Pau and brought with them fox-hunting, golf (the first 18 hole golf course and first to admit women is here), croquet and elegant parks with splendid vistas of the mountains. When the railways arrived it became popular with writers, artists and musicians, including the likes of Victor Hugo and Stendhal. In the 1950s natural gas was discovered.

Aquitaine Population
Quantity Aquitaine consists of 2,908,359 inhabitants equivalent to 5% of the total French population. Population estimation by 2030: increase of 16% to reach 3.6 million inhabitants.
Population density 70 inhabitants per compared to the total of France of 108.2 inhabitants per
Population age range 29 % of the population is 25 years old or less. 19 % of population is 65 years old or more.
Foreigners Approximately 1 million citizens living in Aquitaine are foreigners.

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