Auvergne Golf Courses and Clubs

In Auvergne, nature did not do things by halves. The Auvergne is unique with its time formed landscape, ideal for exploration and adventure. Most people overlook the golf facilities on offer in this region dominated by volcanoes and natural landscapes. Indeed Auvergne offers 15 high quality golf courses where you can enjoy a few rounds of golf as well as the breathtaking scenery on offer. A unique golfing experience can be enjoyed in the Auvergne, an ideal location for a relaxing golfing break in France.

  • Travelling to Auvergne is travelling through time, to the Middle Ages and to the Belle Epoque, not to mention Celtic remains and Romanesque art. The Auvergne region boasts 15 high quality golf courses and is actively promoting itself as a golf destination in France. Golfing visitors to France often say Auvergne is the land of Wide Open Spaces. Auvergne is located at the crossroads of many motorways, excellently positioned in the centre of France.
  • Golfing holidays in Auvergne are synonymous with excellent French golf courses, fantastic local, foods, wines and hospitality. Auvergne Golf courses are often located in woodland, enforcing its reputaion as a ‘wild’ part of France. You can play golf on quiet and spacious courses, but be careful, some of them are amongst the trickiest golf courses in France.
  • For those golfers who like walking, rambling and other outdoor pursuits, Auvergne boasts thousands of kilometres of trails and Regional Nature Reserves. Other tourist attractions include châteaux, spas and high quality restaurants. All year round, there are plenty of shows, festivals and artistic events that take place throughout this region of France.
  • So remember when you are looking for a property in Auvergne that there is an abundance of good facilities for golf enthusiasts in this beautiful French region.



  • Royat Charade Golf Course

    Village de Charade,

    63130 Charade

  • Volcans Golf Course

    La Bruyère des Moines,

    63870 Orcines

  • Riom Golf Course

    Parc Tertiaire

    Les Portes de Riom

    63200 Riom


  • Chambon-sur-Lignon Golf Course

    La Pierre de la Lune - Le Riondet,

    43400 Le Chambon-sur-Lignon

  • Puy-en-Velay Golf Course

    Sénilhac, 43000 Ceyssac


  • Vézac-Aurillac Golf Course

    Mairie, 15130 Vézac

  • Val Saint-Jean Golf Course

    15200 Mauriac

  • Haute-Auvergne Golf Course

    La Bladade Sansac de Marmiesse,

    15130 Arpajon-sur-Cère


  • Briailles Golf Course

    15 rue de Metz,

    03500 Saint-Pourcain sur Sioule

  • Forêt de Montpensier Golf Course

    03700 Serbannes-Vichy

  • Val de Cher Golf Course

    Route de Vallon

    03190 Nassigny

  • Moulins les Avenelles Golf Course

    Les Avenelles, 03400 Toulon-sur-Allier

  • Saint-Agathe Golf Course

    Villebret, 03310 Neris-les-Bains

  • Vichy Sporting club Golf Course

    Allée Georges Baugnies,

    03700 Bellerive-sur-Allier

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