Auvergne Holidays

Auvergne has lots of little-known treasures you will discover. Here is a quick review of the best places to stay in, and what to do.

Places of interest

  • THE SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA PATHWAYS. The landscapes in the Haute-Loire department are among the most beautiful along the mythic Via Podiensis, which start in the city of Le Puy-en-Velay. The other pathway, called Via Lemovicensis after the name of a Celtic tribe, crosses the Limousin from the abbey at Vézelay. Although it draws less walkers than the other pathway, it is just as interesting. (Auvergne, Limousin)
  • THE MONTAGNE BOURBONNAISE. An unspoilt area that is easy to reach, with unsuspected treasures. 400 km of marked paths crisscross the undulating green countryside. (Allier, Auvergne)
  • STEVENSON’S TRAIL. In the steps of Robert Louis Stevenson and his donkey Modestine, this beautiful long-distance path is as wonderful as the masterpiece that every self-respecting walker should read!(Haute-Loire, Auvergne and Lozère)
  • THE MILLEVACHES PLATEAU. Discover the heather and broom-covered moors, and the peat bogs so characteristic of the Millevaches Plateau, with water and yet more water everywhere. Perhaps you’ll come across some of the species so symbolic of the plateau, such as otters, or perhaps the incredible carnivorous plant known as sundew. (Limousin)

Also to discover

  • THE DORDOGNE GORGES AND VALLEY. Wild and historic sites are reached via scenic view-points and picturesque little towns. Many trails and paths lead to the rich heritage sites and natural beauty of the upper Dordogne valley, where runs the longest river in France. (Corrèze, Limousin)
  • THE AUBRAC ON FOOT. Lying on the borders between the Cantal, Lozère and Aveyron departments, the Aubrac is a vast granite and basalt plateau. Its boundless horizons, quality of light and mysterious atmosphere are bewitching. And the spectacle created by the rebirth of its exceptional variety of plants - over 1,000 different species, some of which are very rare is intensely moving. For more information: (Lozère, Auvergne)
  • MONT LOZÈRE. Chaotic piles of rocks, dozens of springs, deeply carved trackways, terraces clinging to the hillsides and pasturelands compose an enchanting landscape full of character. (Lozère)

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