Auvergne Hotels

  • Auvergne is known for being a 'land of traditions' and therefore ranks 5th when it comes to the French national tourist consumption and 9th in terms of overnight stays. Few hotel chains and deluxe accommodations are to be found on the territory and the prevailing category is the 2 star one. Hotel businesses in the Auvergne region are indeed more rural and independent.
  • As regards the geographic distribution, Puy de Dôme is the department where the holiday accommodation offer is the most developed whilst Haute-Loire lags behind. The natural assets of the area are made the most of and for a few years the regional tourist offer has been steadily increasing.
Public surveys show the following cities are among those most appreciated by visitors:
1 Ambert 2 Vichy
3 Saint-Flour 4 Riom
5 Moulins 6 Le Puy en Velay
7 Montluçon 8 Clermont-Ferrand
9 Brioude 10 Aurillac
9 ... 10 ...

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