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When driving throughout the Auvergne region, you will have the chance to see wonderful views, depending of course on the kind of roads you prefer taking. Contrary to what one might think, you will admire beautiful landscapes on national roads as well as on autoroutes (motorways).

Travelling to Auvergne by Road
Daily Traffic level Here are some figures about the daily traffic around Clermont Ferrand on the main motorways: A71= 30,214 vehicles, A72= 19,909 vehicles, A75= 58,207 vehicles.
Road network Auvergne accounts for a large regional network including 319 km of motorways and 20,500 km of secondary roads.
Main motorways

A89 is an east-west axis with easy access to Auvergne from Lyon and Bordeaux via Clermont-Ferrand.

A72 links Clermont-Ferrand to Saint-Etienne and Lyon.

A71 crosses thye Massif Central from the north to the south, with access to Auvergne between Paris and Clermont-Ferrand.

A75, La Méridienne links Clermont-Ferrand to Pézenas. Including a culminant point (1121 m from the ground), it is the highest French motorway. The new motorway between Paris and Spain via the magnificent Millau bridge, goes through the heart of the Auvergne (A 71 to the north, A 75 to the south).

Distances By road, Auvergne is about 700 km away (7 hours) from Calais and 425 km from Paris (4h).
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