Brittany Economy

  • Brittany is one of the best destination for French people as much as for foreign holidaymakers, who are looking for lovely seaside resorts, exciting watersports, beautiful landscapes and seasonal festivals.
  • The tourism sector is already developed and buoyant in all of its 4 departments: Finistère, Côtes d'Armor, Morbihan and Ille et Vilaine.
  • Brittany's economy is also based on a its famous agriculture and fishing, as it is a massive and efficient industry.
  • While Brittany agriculture includes reputated products such as: fish, beef, pork, poultry, vegetables and milk, Brittany Industry includes food processing, car manufacturing and famous shipbuilding.
Key economic Data for Brittany
GDP 76 billion euros for Brittany.
International Trade Brittany region accounts for 7.4 billion euros of Imports and 7.7 billion euros of Exports in 2004. Important trading partners: Germany, China, Spain, Japon, Netherlands, Italy, USA, UK, Belgium, Brazil, Russia, Sueden, Switzerland, Greece.
Total Companies

More than 127,000 companies are based in Brittany.

About 7,500 compagnies creation occurs between January and July 2007

Largest Companies Papeteries de Condat, Yves Rocher and Bolloré according to their turnover (+ 300 million euros TO*)
Employment Working population accounts for more than 1.1 million inhabitants in Brittany.
Unemployment 8% of this working population is unemployed. This is equivalent to about 108,000 people.
Students population There are more than 110,000 students across Brittany.
Salary Average salary = 15,644 euros/year.
Brittany Agriculture
Agricultural products

Brittany is the first agricultural region of France.

Through its 4 departments, Britain agriculture and fishing account for 10% of France’s national production.

Brittany represents a volume of 302,000 tons of fresh fish unloaded among 15 main ports and represents 90% of the total French seaweed production.

Brittany porcine production represents 56% of the total French production, while the bovine production represents 15% of it. Poultry farming is the 3rd main agricutural Britain production.

Brittany is also the first French region for vegetable cultivation. Cabbage and artichocke represents 73% of the total French production. There are also other vegetables first ranked such as: potatoes, spinach, haricot and at the 2nd rank: peas and tomatoes.

Brittany is the first region of France concerning the dairy products. Milk represents 21% of the French production.

Key facts Agriculture involves 7% of the working population, the equivalent 81,000 workers and consists of 40,000 farms.
Brittany Industry

Brittany industry is mainly proficient in: food-industry, plasturgy, biotechnology, electronic, research & development, telecommunications and cosmetics sectors.

Brittany is also well-known for its aeronautic industry in Nantes an Lannion regarding the A380, naval industry in St Nazaire regarding famous ocean liners building or automotive industry in Rennes regarding Citroën cars manufacturing.

Key facts

Industry involves 20% of the working population.

Naval building accounts for the 4th industrial sector in Brittany after food-industry, electronic& telecommunications, and automotive.


Brittany housing stock is quite young with 66.5 % of habitations built after 1948.

Brittany has had 238,000 construction sites over the last 10 years and 42,000 housing planning permission per year.

Brittany habitation building cares about environment and landscape protection.

Brittany Tertiary sector
Sectors Commerce, Health, Administration, Education, Transport, Services.
Key facts 60% of the working population is involved in the tertiary sector.

Brittany is the second French destination for summer holidays and the first region for nautical activities.

Tourism is hugely popular in Brittany with 3 million holidaymakers and 25 million overnights stays per year.

It includes many visitors coming from the UK, Italy and Germany.

Restaurants and shops also take advantage of this touristic opportunity.

* GDP (Gross Domestic Product= Produit intérieur brut)

* TO (Turn Over = Chiffre d'affaires)

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