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  • Brittany region is well-situated in the North West of France and offers a well-developped communication network across its 4 departments via: train, plane, road or boat.
  • In Brittany, there are several airports serving destinations in England such as Manchester, Southampton, Birmingham and London, and several TGV train services linking the region with French cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Lille in France.
  • Brittany is also accessible from Ireland, Channel Islands or England via ferries and from regional towns and villages via its important road network.
Travelling to Brittany by Air
Air traffic More than 1,6 million passengers travel every year through Brittany main airports: Brest, Rennes, Lorient, Dinard, Lannion and Quimper.
Largest Airport In 2006, the passengers capacity of Brest airport was for 850000 people. This has reached 1,4 million people by the end of 2007.
Local Airports

Brest Airport: Air France flies to French destinations such as : Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Nantes, Paris and Jet Airfly flies to Toulon.

Aéroport de Lannion: Brit Air flies to Paris.

International Airports

Brest Airport: Flybe flies to British destinations such as: Birmingham, Exeter, Southampton, Manchester and Ryanair flies to London Luton.

Aéroport de Lorient: Direct flights to Cork. Rennes Airport:: Flights to Dublin, Belfast, Edimbourg, Exeter and Manchester via Flybe.

Dinard Airport:: fligths via Ryanair.

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Travelling to Brittany by Train

More than 8,2 million passengers a year travelled via the 16 Brittany TGV stations, including: 5,8 million to Paris, 1,1 million across Brittany and 1,2 million to other destinations.

The regional traffic via TER accounts for 351 million passengers a year.

Regional Rail Network Brittany accounts for 1 151 kms of railway network,crossing most of the Brittany towns via TGV,Corail and TER.
National Rail Network

TGV from Paris to Saint-Malo: 2h45 TGV from Paris to Rennes : 2 h

TGV from Paris to Brest or Quimper : 4h

TGV from Rennes to Lille: 3 h 50

TGV from Rennes to Lyon: 4 h 30.

International Rail

Connection to Eurostar via Paris.

Connection to Eurotunnel via Calais.

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Travelling to Brittany by Road
Daily Traffic level

For 85% of people in Brittany, road is the favorite means of transportation.

Brittany accounts for between 30000 and 110 000 vehicles in use every day around the main urbans areas of Rennes, Brest, Lorient, Saint-Brieuc, Vannes.

Road network Brittany accounts for 54 kms of motorways, 1120 kms of trunk roads and 16 860 km of departmental roads.
Main motorways

A81: from Le Mans to Laval on 94 km with a connection to Brittany via Rennes by RN157.

A84 "autoroute des estuaires": from Rennes to Caen on 170 kms, crossing Brittany via Ille et Vilaine department and Normandy .

A12: formerly "autoroute de Bretagne" on 8,5 km, as extrication of the busy capital of Paris.


Driving distance from Paris to Brest:5h40(590 kms)

Driving distance from Paris to Rennes:3h30(355 kms)

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Travelling to Brittany by Sea
Main Harbours

Brittany accounts for 5 main commercial harbours including: Saint-Brieuc, Brest and Lorient.

Saint Malo and Roscoff being more famous as touristic "transManche" ports.


Brittany accounts for 8,7 million tons of freight or cargo transportation.

Brittany also accounts for 1,5 million passengers on shipping at destination of Great Britain, Ireland and Channel Islands.

Canals Network

Brittany accounts for 500 km of canals and navigable rivers. Its fluvial network crosses the region from East to West and North to South.

Ferry Ports

Brittany accounts for many ferry services taking passengers, vehicles and freight to Ireland, England and the Channel Islands.

Brittany Ferries operates from Plymouth and Cork to Roscoff and from Portsmouth to St Malo.

Condor Ferries operates from Weymouth and Poole to St Malo.

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  • TGV (Train à grande vitesse = high speed train)*
  • TER (Train express régional = regional fast train)*

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