Burgundy Economy

  • In Burgundy the service sector is the first employer of the region which, thanks to its rich history, culture and green tourism, will attract more and more visitors every year.
  • On the other hand, Burgundy has a dynamical and powerful agriculture. Burgundy is especially well-known for its cheese and bovine productions, really appreciated by the "Bourguignons" as well as by the foreigners. Also based on the vineyards producing Burgundy is one of the best destination for wine lovers.
  • The economy is also based on the industry sector with large famous companies as Dim for the textile or Amora and its mustard for the food industry; not forgetting the most recent development of the high-tech and communication sectors.
Key economic Data for Burgundy
GDP 36.4 billion euros, equivalent to 2.3% of national GDP*.
International Trade

Burgundy region account for 5.2 billion € of Imports and 7.8 billion euros of Exports.

Important trading partners: Europe, China and USA.

Total Companies

More than 67,715 companies are based in Burgundy.

5,768 companies creations

Largest Companies

Seb, Dim, Algeco and Senoble account for the largest companies in Burgundy, according to their turnover (+ 400 million euros TO*).

Employment Working population includes more than 643,000 Bourgundy inhabitants. This is equivalent to 2.6 % France of the total population for the region.
Unemployment 8.8% of this working population is unemployed.
Students population More than 41,000 students across Burgundy.
Salary Average salary = 15,423 €/year.
Burgundy Agriculture
Agricultural products

Cereals ( wheat and barley) and Oils producing

Bovine farming(Charolais, Morvan, Nivernais)

Others: Bresse poultry, Charolles sheep, Bourgogne snail, Auxois workhorse.

Viticulture (Côtes de Beaune, Nuits, Hautes-Côtes, Côte Chalonnaise, Mâconnais, Beaujolais). Wine production being equivalent to 30% of the total agricultural production in Burgundy.

Others: "Noir de Bourgogne" blackcurrant.

Dairy products: cheese (Epoisses, Saint-florentin, Brillat-savarin, Chaource, Charolais)

Key facts Agriculture involves 64,000 people. This is equivalent to 5.9 % of the regional employement.
Burgundy Industry
Sectors Burgundy industry includes: metallurgy, chemistry, pharmaceutic, electronic, plasturgy, stationery,food industry, mechanical and automotive, high communication technology.
Key facts Industry involves 120,000 people. This is equivalent to 20% of the regional employement.
Building The building sector involves more than 6% of the working population in Burgundy.
Burgundy Tertiary sector
Sectors Commerce, Health, Administration, Education.
Key facts Tertiary sector involves 2/3 of the Burgundy working population and this trend is still increasing.

Burgundy is the 11th French region as touristic destination for French people and the 8th for foreign people.

With a perpetual and positive growth trend since the eigthies, Tourism is the major economical activity in Burgundy.

Hotels, Gîtes, Holiday Homes and Camping sites are abundant (100,000 beds)for welcoming all these people looking for rich gastronomy and history of the region.

Restaurants and shops also take advantage of this touristic opportunity. This consumption is equivalent to 1.9 billion euros.

* GDP (Gross Domestic Product= Produit Intérieur Brut)

* TO (Turn Over = Chiffre d'affaires)

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