Burgundy Food and Gastronomy

The Burgundy region offers a wide range of fine food and its gastronomy boasts delightful typical produce. Provided the excellence of Burgundy's red and white wines, it is not surprising that the regional gastronomy is such a success worldwide! Burgundian prime ingredients indeed include flavourful mushrooms, truffles and snails, quality meat from the Charolais cattle and free range poultry from Bresse.

Burgundy is in short a gold mine for those who have a passion for both fine food and fine wine originating from France! French-Property.com is pleased to introduce here some gems of the Bourgogne gastronomy, from the traditional Bourguignon beef to the Coq Au Vin, example of the delightful dishes made with Bresse poultry and commonly served in French restaurants.

We also must mention the typical Burgundy's snails - also known under the French name escargots - and the famous mustard from Dijon, a classic on all honorable restaurants' tables now.

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