Escargot de Bourgogne - Burgundy Snails

Burgundy snails, called Escargots de Bourgogne in France, are prepared with garlic and parsley butter and are widely known as a refined French product. This traditional, flavourful Bourgogne gastronomic speciality will definitely surprise your palate! Indeed, although not popular with British taste buds, this French recipe made from land snails is highly appreciated by gourmets throughout the world.

Burgundy's snails are nowadays one of the refined products from France in great demand and widely exported. Considered to be one of the ambassadors of the French gastronomy, the traditional escargots are indeed more and more protected and in the Burgundy region, snail collecting is indeed strictly controlled.

Attention is also paid to the escargots cooking so that the taste and finesse of this rare product would be conserved. Many restaurants today offer Burgundy snails but cooks complement the refined French product with a fatty garlicky butter.

In the traditional French snails recipe, fresh pureed garlic and chopped parsley predominate. Gourmets now prefer using garlic oil and parsley cream or add lemon and creme fraiche to lighten the garnish.

The traditional Bourgogne escargots are served warm in a "snail" sandstone plate, a typical small casserole with 6 or 12 holes to arrange the snails with their garlic and parsley butter. In some gastronomic French restaurants, you may also find the Burgundy snails delivered in their shells, with a specific fork and snail tongs.

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