Burgundy Holidays and Vacation

The French Burgundy region is an amazing place to go for a holiday. Indeed, the green and rich countryside of Burgundy, the historical background and the wonderful atmosphere of this region will please all who seek good holidays. For anyone wishing to travel through Burgundy, you have two main possibilities...

  • You can follow the romantic and lustfull rivers, past magnificient castles from the medieval ages or the renaissance, past the old and mysterious abbeys and monastries or through the wonderful and vibrant towns of the region.
  • Or you can take the "Route des Vins" (on the trail of wines)in order to discover the rich heritage of French culinary specialties through vineyards and small French villages.

But whatever solution you choose for your holidays in Burgundy, you will be astounded by all aspects of the French country life. You will experience the thrills and joys of this wonderful region and collect precious memories to bring back to friends and family.

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