Burgundy Train Stations and Rail Network

Burgundy boasts an excellent rail network. From there you can reach France and Europe easily and quickly since Paris is less than 2 hours from the region's main cities. Lyon and Mulhouse are also a stone throw from Burgundy.

Travelling to Burgundy by Train
Passengers The regional network accounts for 150 train stations across Burgundy and transport more than 35000 passengers per day.
Regional Rail Network Burgundy accounts for about 2000 kms of rail network including 298 km of high speed line.
National Rail Network

The TGV service in the Burgundy region is excellent and thus Dijon is only 4 hours from London.

  • TGV Paris-Dijon - 1hr 45mins
  • TGV Paris Mâcon-Loche - 1hr 30mins
  • TGV Paris Le Creusot - 1hr 15mins
  • TGV Paris Lyon (2hrs)
  • TGV Rhin-Rhône including an East line Dijon-Mulhouse, completion estimated date 2010, and future T.G.V. lines Dijon-Lille and Yonne Méditerranée still under project.
International Rail

Connection to Eurostar via Paris.

Connection to Eurotunnel via Calais.

Useful Contacts

Railway bookings and pricings:

www.eurostar.com, www.sncf.fr, www.eurotunnel.com

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