Burgundy Wines

The French Burgundy region is renowned for its fine wines. Located in the centre of France, this region is damp and its viticulture industry is thriving. Due to different reliefs and kind of grounds (more or less calcareous soils), this region offers numerous different plots which, even if originating from the same varietal, will not produce the same wines.

Burgundy White wines:

  • Chardonnay: (Appellation: Pouilly Fuissé, Chablis...)
  • Aligoté: (Appellation: Bourgogne Aligoté)

Burgundy Red wines:

  • Pinot noir: (Appellation: Vins de Bourgogne, Pommard...)
  • Gamay: (Appellation: Bourgogne)

White wine in the Burgundy region of France:

  • Chardonnay: The Chardonnay varietal produces really balanced wines. This fine white wine is renowned for its finesse, its vivacity as well as its intensity. The Chardonnay taste can even put the best French red wines in the shade, indeed its mysterious and powerful flavouring will last in your mouth. French white wine amateurs will like this wine for its freshness and its complex aroma.

Top Tip! This burgundy wine gains more and more flavour when getting older, kept few years in a cellar it will deliver all its intensity and make the pride of its owners.

  • Aligoté: Aligoté is a rare wine produced in France but is a typical varietal from Burgundy. The production of this wine is quite limited. This light-bodied wine does not have the same intensity than the Chardonnay wine but is particularly harmonious when associated to blackcurrant in order to create the famous kir.

Top Tip! To prepare a tasty kir, mix 1/6 of blackcurrant cream and 5/6 of Burgundy white wine. You will then appreciate a tasty drink to sip during the aperitif or with shellfishes.

Red wine in the Burgundy region of France:

  • Pinot Noir: the Pinot noir varietal enables the production of a fine Bourgogne red wine. Renowned for its intensity as well as the complexity of its aroma, this wine is full-bodied. Appreciated with the age, this breed wine can reach sometimes 15 to 20 years. Produced in small quantity this Burgundy wine is ranked amongst the most refined and researched in France and could accompany any sophisticated dishes.

  • Gamay: the Gamay wine is a varietal less spread than the Pinot noir in Burgundy. All along the years, it will create a full-bodied French wine full of flavour.

Visiting Burgundy is visiting the heart of France, it would be a pity to miss the small castles as well as not to taste the Vins de Bourgogne and the traditional gastronomy. Indeed the famous French wines from Burgundy do have to be consumed with a traditional dish. Then only you will appreciate the sample of the famous French snails of Burgundy and the famous smoked ham of Morvan which will be particularly tasty with a good Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay wine.

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