Centre Andouillettes au Vouvray

The traditional andouillettes from the Centre region are particularly renowned for being prepared respecting the original porkbutcher's methods. The most popular andouillette recipe consists in cooking them with the locally produced Vouvray wine and chopped mushrooms - a great example of the hearty French country food.

The typical Centre recipe for the andouillette sausage accounts for the food and gastronomy traditions of the so-called "Gargantua’s cradle" Touraine province! Indeed the very word of andouillette may originate from the French literature, from writer Rabelais when describing Gargantua's banquets.

French meat lovers like to eat these tender pork products, traditionally prepared with chitterlings, roasted or in a simple mustard and shallot casing. But the most popular way to relish the andouillettes sausages in the Centre region is to cook them with the local Vouvray wine. The Vouvray sauce is indeed a perfect match for this traditional main dish. Andouillettes are then often accompanied with steamed or sautée potatoes.

French Andouillette Sausage

The traditional Touraine's recipe implies that the andouillettes sausages are marinated in Vouvray white wine the day before cooking. Then the delightful casing includes two glasses of wine, chopped mushrooms, minced shallots, parsley and breadcrumbs.

French producers of the area of Vouvray have perpetuated the authentic methods, combining the traditional charcuterie (butchery products) with the refined taste of the local wine. The well-known andouillette in Vouvray wine thus was granted a label (initiated for the Andouillette from Troyes) which guarantees the product's quality and authenticity.

Top Tip! The "andouillette" derives from "andouille", a traditional pork product meticulously made out from pig's intestines. The first sausage, smaller and lighter, differs from its big sister in being prepared with the small intestine rather than the large one.

For those who would like to cook the "andouillettes au Vouvray" - and satisfy every gargantuan appetites! - French cooks recommend to buy more sausages than the number of guests since the raw andouillette will actually lose the 2/3 of its weight whilst cooking.

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