Centre Geography

The Centre region is stretching on 39,151 sq km and accounts for 1,842 communes within the 6 following departments: Cher, Eure-et-Loir, Indre, Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher, Loiret. It is the 4th French region in terms of area and the relief has been shaped by the Loire; the longest river in France. The landscape is made of plains and plateaus of different kinds:

  • The Champagne berrichonne is a chalky plateau southeast of the region.
  • Touraine in the southwest is made of clayey plateaus.
  • The Brenne area in the Indre department is nicknamed 'thousand ponds lake'.
  • Beauce is a very fertile farmland dedicated to crop culture.
  • Cuestas on the edge of Massif Central have limestone plateaus and clayey depressions.
  • Sologne is a forested area characterized by forests and 12,000 hectares ponds.

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