Centre Golf Courses and Clubs

  • Come and play Golf in the Centre region. This central area of France is perfect for playing golf all year round. With 20 golf courses across the region and about 500 golfers (both amateur and professional), you will love playing golfing in this beautiful region. Prestigious golf courses host expert and professional golf tournaments every year. Some of these courses are very famous, like the one in Nançay, which has just been reopened; as well as the Golf du Bois d'Ô and many others.
  • Golfing holidays in the Centre region are a must. The region has plenty of hotels and villas which boast an easy access to the region's golf courses. Make your golfing holiday a beautiful holiday experience in Centre, the heart of France. You can enjoy excellent golfing holidays for just €250 to €300 per person for a week-end. Many hotels or traditional guest houses offer dedicated holiday packages for this type of stay, and the usual welcome is warm.
  • History is also a major legacy of this region and golf facilities fully benefit from that rich past. For example, wouldn't you like to play next to the castle where the famous Madame de Maintenon (the second wife of King Louis XIV of France) lived?
  • Golfing in Centre also means enjoying breathtaking landscapes amongst picturesque roads, vast forests, stunning gardens, flat lands, beautiful valleys, gently rolling hills, rivers and lakes... This region producing great French wines, why not taste some white or red wines between two games next to vineyards? Centre is besides easily accessible via Paris, so you can reach this French region swiftly.

Here are the contact details of the golf facilities in the Centre region :


  • Bourges Golf Course

    Rue Jacques Becker - 18000 Bourges

  • Nançay Sologne Golf Course

    Route de Bourges - 18330 Nançay


  • Bois d'Ô Golf Course

    28170 Saint Maxime Hauterive

  • Maintenon Castle Golf Course

    Route de Gallardon - 28130 Maintenon


  • Sarrays Golf Course

    36100 Sainte-Fauste


  • Tours Ardrée Golf Course

    Domaine d'Ardrée 37360 Saint-Antoine-du-Rocher


  • Ganay Golf Course

    41220 Saint-Laurent-Nouan

  • Cheverny Golf Course

    La Rousselière - 41700 Cheverny


  • Aisses Golf Course

    RN20 Sud - Domaine des Aisses - 45240 La Ferté-Saint-Aubin

  • Sully-sur-Loire Golf Course

    Domaine de l'Ousseau- 45600 Viglain

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