Centre Road Network and Travel

The Centre region is currently developing its road network aiming at both encouraging the opening-up to Europe and to improve the meshing of secondary roads. Several modernization projects are under way.

The following table gives the motorways and distances to access the Centre region from Paris:

Autoroute du Soleil A6
Ury 61km Nemours 73km Dordives 89km Courtenay 110km
Autoroute d'Aquitaine A10
Orléans Centre 99km Blois 149km Amboise/Château-Renault 179km Tours Centre 207km
Autoroute A71
Orléans Centre 99km Vierzon nord 178km Bourges 210km

Some figures:

-601km of autoroutes (motorways)

-1,850km of routes nationales (they are important roads crossing large stretches of territory)

-400km of routes départementales (regional roads) and voies communales (roads covering only a small area)

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