Centre Weather and Climate

The Centre region is located inland, in the middle of France. This region gets a continental climate, characterized by a certain variability of the temperatures and weather during the year. It is influenced by the oceanic climate though. Thus temperatures are quite milder than in Burgundy, a neighbouring region of France.

  • Receiving both oceanic and continental climate influences, the Centre French region can boast pleasant temperatures during a long part of the year. However, winters can be pretty cold but are quite short whilst summers are pleasantly hot and long.
  • Centre benefits from 1,804.5 sunshine hours a year. This sunny French region, if enjoying a nice weather, can be quite dry during the summertime though. Spring and autumn are gently warm, for the pleasure of those who want to visit the famous “Châteaux de la Loire”, taste some wines and walk through this wonderful region of France.
  • The presence of lakes but also of the River Loire allows the land to be fertile and the climate is pleasant enough for helping the agriculture working tremendously. It enables the production of famous wines in Centre like Sancerre or Pouilly, great French wines.
  • As you can notice in the average temperatures table below, the temperature is cold during winter months. Besides, there are mild spring and autumn months whilst summer is pleasantly hot.

Centre Climate

Climate Type Continental and oceanic.
Average Temperature Summer: 17.6°c, Winter: 3.7°c.
Average sunshine 1,804.5 hours per year (Orleans).
Average rainfall Summer: 48.4 mm, Winter: 53.0 mm. Equivalent to 637.2 mm per year (Orleans).

Centre Weather Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm)
January 3.1° 55.2
February 4.2° 49.7
March 6.6° 51.8
April 9.3° 47.9
May 12.9° 65.8
June 16.2° 47.5
July 18.5° 52.4
August 18.2° 45.3
September 15.8° 49.3
October 11.7° 57.9
November 6.6° 60.1
December 3.8° 54.3

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