The Centre Wine Region

The Centre region of France is wide, and widely renowned for its fine and light-bodied wines. More than having gems of the French culture like castles, indeed the famous chateau de Chambord is located in Centre; this French region has a lot of refined wines and be a part of the famous Loire Valley. This valley is known for offering amazing “wine routes“ as well as gorgeous scenery.

The wine range is mainly made of the Vins de Touraine, Vins du Centre and Vins de l’Orléanais (Wines from Touraine, from Centre and from Orleans).

Wines from Touraine

  • These fine produce will impress you by their vivacity and their fruitiness. Thanks to the mildness, the humidity and the specificity of the soils in Centre, vineyards can thrive easily. You will find under the appellation Vins de Touraine, mostly red French wines issued from the varietal called Gamay and Cabernet franc.

Top Tip! these wines are characterized by their finesse and their bouquet. They are robust and will be perfect when consumed with any kind of meats.

  • The white wines are generally issued from Sauvignon and Chenin varietals. These Centre wines are dry and full-bodied. They will enhance the taste of fishes and white meats and will be ideal when accompanying any refined dish.

The Centre white wines 1998 vintage was particularly fine and tasty, so if you have the opportunity to taste one of them, prefer this one!

Wines from Centre

  • Vins du Centre are principally issued from Gamay and Sauvignon varietals as well. These French wines are renowned for being light-bodied, fruity and fresh.

Wines from the Orléans area

  • Vins de l’Orléanais are produced in some villages surrounding Orléans, a big city of the Centre region of France. Traditional methods are used to produce these wines and the French winegrowers are doing their work passionately. These wines originate from Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Sauvignon varietals.

Top Tip! White wines produced under the appellation Vin de l’Orléanais are really subtle and fine French wines. The delicacy of their taste makes them ideal when accompanied with shellfish and seafood.

  • Orléans Rosé wines are really refreshing and spicy wines even more pleasant during summer.

  • Orléans Red wines are principally issued from Pinot Noir. Their intense aroma will just bewitch your taste buds. These refined wines are up to their prestigious Centre wine region.

Top Tip! The Centre wines are renowned for their finesse and bouquet. If you stay in this wonderful region of France offering numerous castles to visit, you will appreciate to taste the local gastronomy and wines which will totally immerse you in a majestic universe. A heaven for the eyes and the palate!

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