Champagne Wine

Champagne Ardenne is a French region located in the north east of France. The climate is favourable enough for the vineyards to thrive. The French region is renowned all over the world for its majestic drink, the famous Champagne that is the archetypal wine drunk to celebrate the best moments of one’s life.

Champagne evokes happiness, sophistication, and will accompany you in all the pleasant moments you will live. You will appreciate the elegance and lightness of Champagne’s natural effervescence.

Top Tip! But take care, the French appellation Champagne has to be deserved, indeed this outstanding wine needs at least 9 legal mentions to be considered as true French Champagne.

The Champagne wine is produced thanks to three varietals:

  • Chardonnay: It represents 24% of the surface of the vineyards in Champagne Ardenne.
  • Pinot Meunier: It represents 28% of the surface used for the Champagne vineyards.
  • Pinot Noir: It represents 48% of the surface used for the Champagne vineyards.

These three varietals are the only ones to be authorized for the production of the authentic French Champagne wine.

There are few kinds of Champagne:

  • The blanc de blanc wine is produced from the Chardonnay, which is the only varietal of the three allowed to give white grapes. This Champagne is appreciated for its finesse which is more relevant than that of the two others varietals.
  • The blanc de noir results from the Pinot Meunier or Pinot Noir which produce red grapes. These two kinds of Champagne wines are renowned for both their power and fruitiness. These two are really intense French wines.
  • We have also to notice the presence of another Champagne wine which is actually more scarcely found than the other Champagne varieties. This is the rosé Champagne wine. It results from the fermentation of red grapes or by the blend of white wine Champagne and red wine Champagne together. This category is particularly tasty when accompanying red meats.

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