Champagne Ardenne Economy

  • Agriculture has been of importance in Champagne Ardenne economy for a long time (61,4% of the land is today dedicated to farming), foremost to produce the Champagne that faces a huge demand growth from emergent countries.
  • The Champagne wine region is synonymous with very fine wines. Champagne is the most famous wine producing region of France and produces some of the most wonderful wines in the world, including those labelled with the AOC approved stamp.
  • Other famous gastronomic specialities having made the reputation of Champagne Ardenne are the delicious Andouillettes from Troyes, cheeses and local game cooked with sauces.
  • The Champagne Ardenne economy is also governed by the industry sector, mainly specializing in the metallurgy sector.
  • The economic vigour of the region can also be explained by its touristic qualities. Champagne Ardenne is not one of the favourite destination for all the travellers and holidaymakers, but it has plenty to offer

Key economic Data for Champagne Ardenne
GDP 30.8 million euros (17th region on 22) equivalent to 1.9% of national GDP*.
Number of companies Ardennes 10,531, Aube 12,360, Marne 22,995, Haute-Marne 8,074 Region 53,960
% of total activity Ardennes 19.5%, Aube 22.9%, Marne 42.6%, Haute-Marne 15.0% Region 100%
Largest Companies Champagne-Céréales is the first cereal producer in Europe. It gathers 9,300 farmers. Cristal Union produces sugar and alcohol. It is the second sugar comany in France with its Daddy brand. Béghin-Say produces sugar. Jacquot (Troyes) produces famous quality chocolates and sweets (711 employees) Peugeot Citroen plants are also a huge employer in this area.
Students population 40,200+ students across Champagne Ardenne.
Salary Average salary = 15,972 €/year.
Champagne Ardenne Agriculture
Agricultural products Vegetables: maize, carrot, strawberries, prunes, plums. Grapes for wine, Poultry for foie gras. Unfortunately no seafood.
Champagne Ardenne Industry
Building The automotive sector in Champagne Ardennes consists of 14% of companies versus 12% for all the France.
Champagne Ardenne Tertiary sector
Sectors Commerce, Transports, Building, Health, Administration, Education.
Tourism Tourism is not popular in Champagne Ardenne despite the fantastic potential of this region. Visitors generally stay for 3 or 4 days. Restaurants and shops take advantage of this touristic opportunity.

* GDP (Gross Domestic Product= Produit intérieur brut)

* TO (Turn Over = Chiffre d'affaires)

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