Champagne Ardenne Holidays

Champagne Ardenne has lots of little-known treasures you will discover. Here is a quick review of the best places to stay in, and what to do.

Places of interest

  • Champagne "houses" (traditional/ family companies): they produce and sell Champagne. Many "Champagne houses" can be found in towns like Reims, Epernay and Châlons-en-Champagne. You can go there without prior appointment and the welcome is actually warm and authentic. The Champagne wines you will taste are world famous ones, and the houses you will visit all have their particular way of welcoming you. You will sometimes walk some 30 metres underground. Others will let you sit in comfort in an electric train or trolley. Anyway this can only be a surprising and different experience.
  • Even if Champagne Ardenne is worldwide famous for Champagne wines, it has lots to offer like activities in the mountains or in the woods around, for those interested on sporting activities, on relaxing activies and all kind of amusement across parks, zoos, gardens, lakes.
  • Enjoyable festivals also take place through Champagne Ardenne throughout the year for the pleasure of everyone.

Also to discover

  • The three big artificial lakes in the Forêt d'Orient, located east of Troyes, that were fit out to welcome water sports lovers.

  • Flights in helicopter or in hot air balloon over the forests. And why not enjoy a glass of Champagne during your flight over Champagne Ardenne?

  • The Saint-Laurent Animals Park (45 ha) is also worth a visit: wild boars, deers, birds, bucks and bighorn sheeps can be observed. A number of farms also open their doors to visitors to enjoy local produce.

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