Champagne Ardenne Rivers and Lakes

Champagne Ardenne has no ocean around but has many lakes, rivers and ponds for water sport activities or leisure.

Freshwater ponds and lakes

Champagne-Ardenne has the following:

  • 650 km of waterways
  • 8 lakes at disposal of tourists, including the Lake Der-Chantecoq, the largest man-made lake in Europe

Even if Champagne Ardenne is worldwide famous for Champagne wines, it has lots to offer like activities in the mountains and the woods around, for those interested on sporting activities across rivers and lakes.

Champagne ardenne has several lakes to enjoy. The big artificial lakes in the Forêt d'Orient, located east of Troyes, were fit out especially to welcome water sports lovers :

  • Eastern Lake is dedicated to sailing, windsurfing, fishing and bathing. Admission is free.
  • Temple lake (1800 ha) is the most « wild » lake in the way it was fit out. It is foremost a fishing place.
  • Amance Lake (500 ha) is dedicated to nautical sports as boat races, water skiing, seadoos,…
  • Der Chantecoq artificial lake, located between Marne and Haute-Marne departments, is the biggest artificial lake in Europe (4 800 ha). Windsurfing, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, rafting, fishing and bathing can be done there, since wind is constantly blowing.


The region's canals include the Marne canal, that is connected to the Rhine canal. Only small boats can sail on these canals, thus it is an ideal way to enjoy the dramatic scenery around, in a mostly quiet, tranquil environment. Thousands of birds come to these lakes to nest in Winter, or to stop as they migrate.

Champagne Ardenne Rivers

Rivers are foremost dedicated to fishing and river boating.

The regional water system is dominated by the Seine, Marne, Aube, Aisne and Meuse rivers. Dams were created to prevent Seine river from flooding.

Thus artificial lakes were created: Der-Chantecoq Lake, largest artificial lake in Europe. Orient lake. Temple lake and Amance lake.

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