Champagne Ardenne Travel

Champagne Ardenne offers a well-developed communication network across its 4 departments.

Thus there are many ways to get to Champagne Ardenne and in recent years it has even become easier. You can either fly there, with many companies now operating to and from Paris, which is connected to the region, drive there or use trains and buses.

Travelling to Champagne Ardenne by Air
Air traffic In 2007 more than 86.4 million passengers from everywhere in the world travelled through Parisian airports.
Largest Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle is the largest airport in the nearby Paris.
Local Airports Champagne Ardenne only has a small cargo airport called Vatry International. The others are aerodromes dedicated to private leisure, travel and learning activities.
International Airports Unfortunately there is no international airport in Champagne Ardenne, but Parisian airports can be reached in only 45 mn from Reims and 70 mn from Troyes by train.
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Travelling to Champagne Ardenne by Train
Passengers More than 11,5 millions millions train passengers will board trains from and to Paris in 2008.
Regional Rail Network Efficient mainline railways (Corail) and local railways (TER*) operate throughout Champagne Ardenne. The brand new TGV (high-speed trains) line was launched in 2006.
National Rail Network TGV* from Reims or Troyes to Paris, and then from Paris to any station in the country. One can reached Bordeaux (south west) or Marseille (south east, on the Mediterranean) in 3 hours.

Other lines are:
  • Paris to Strasbourg, via Épernay, Châlons-en-Champagne and Vitry-le-François.
  • Since 2007, there is another high speed train line serving Reims that boasts a brand new station.
  • Paris to Charleville-Mézières, serving Épernay, Reims and Rethel, also connected to a high speed line.
  • Paris to Strasbourg, along the Seine valley, via Romilly-sur-Seine, Troyes, Chaumont and Langres.
  • Lille to Strasbourg, serving Charleville-Mézières and Sedan.
International Rail Connection to Eurostar via Paris.
Connection to Eurotunnel via Calais.
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Travelling to Champagne Ardenne by Road
Road network Champagne Ardenne road network includes 560 kms of motorways, 500 km of roads and +15,000 kms of local département roads.
Main motorways
  • A4 highway from Paris to Strasbourg serving Reims
  • A26 highway from Calais to Dijon, serving Reims and Châlons-en-Champagne connected to the A5 highway in Troyes
  • A34 highway Liege-Sedan-Reims, that serves Charleville-Mézières and will be extended until Rocroi towards the Belgian network, to reach Charleroi and Bruxelles.
  • A5 highway from Paris to Dijon, serving Troyes and Chaumont
Distances Driving distance from Paris to Reims: 1h30 mins (144kms)
Driving distance from Paris to Troyes: 1h55 mins (170 kms)
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Travelling to Champagne Ardenne by Canals and Rivers
Main Harbours Champagne Ardenne has no harbour but an extensive network of canals (634 km), allowing to travel in the whole country, at a different pace:
  • Ardennes canal from Meuse valleys to the Aisne department
  • The Eastern canal connecting Meuse and Moselle valleys allows boats to go from the North Sea to the Mediterranean through Marne and Saône canals.
  • Marne-to-Rhine canal that connects the region to Strasbourg.
  • A dedicated regional department repairs and looks after these canals.
Canals Network The canals are used for touristic itineraries and freight transport.
Useful Contacts Canal cruises info and pricings : (French website only - English spoken during cruises on request - be careful, book in advance)

* TGV (Train à grande vitesse = high speed train)

* TER (Train express régional = regional fast train)

* IGG (Itinéraire Grand Gabarit = wide load itinerary)

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