Corsica Aperitif Drinks and Beer

Corsica produces many different aperitif drinks, of high quality, as well as a local beer.

  • Chestnut cream and Vin d’Orange Liqueurs. The chestnut is cultivated in family farms in Corsica and transformed into alcohol or converted into flour and sold. The flour is also used to produce the local beer called Pietra. Orange wine is a liqueur made from Orange, you cannot miss this one.

  • Cedratine is an aperitif made from the Cedrat fruit. The cedrat is in fact a cedrat lemon. It is not a true lemon although it is related to both lemons and limes. The Cedrat liqueur made in Corsica is quite rare outside of Corsica.

  • Casanis is a drink produced in Corsica that tastes a bit like the famous Ricard drink with its anise flavour.

  • The Pietra Beer. The Corsican beer is quite successful. It is a true traditional French produce made from chestnut flour, its taste being outstanding. The flavour itself is strong but soft and delicate at the same time. It is also very slightly sour. During your stay in Corsica, drink it chilled to really enjoy this great French beer fully.

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