Corsica Economy, Employment and Jobs

Corsica is the least economically developed region in Metropolitan France. Tourism has a key role in the Corsican economy. The island's weather, mountains and coastlines make it popular among tourists.

The island has not had the same level of strong development as other parts of the Mediterranean and is thus mainly undamaged. Tourism is mainly concentrated in the area around Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio in the south of the island and Calvi in the northwest.

In 1584 the regulator of Genua gave an order to all farmers and landowners to plant four trees every year, including a chestnut tree. Corsica produces gastronome cheese, wine, sausages, and honey for sale in France and for export.

Corsican honey, of which there are six official varietals, is approved as to its origin (Appellation d'origine contrôlée) by the French National Institute of Origin and Quality.

In the last decade, the economy of the French region Corsica has known a general increase.

Nevertheless some branches of the regions economy (such as industry, property building or tourism) have had problems with providing new jobs or even with keeping pre-existing employment.

But on the whole, the general economic trend of the Corsica region is quite similar to the economic situation of France.

Corsica has an unemployment rate of 8.0%.

This region also offer financial and physical support for people in need such as elderly people, disabled people, unemployed people...

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