Corsica Holidays

Corsica has lots of little-known treasures to discover. Here is a quick review of the best places to stay in, and what to do.

Places of interest

  • Corsica is an island full of character. It is made up of Haute Corse and Corse du Sud. It is 183 km long, 80 km wide and boasts more than 1000 km of coasts. Its nickname is "beauty island", and it is definitely deserved. Its jewels are numerous and the scenery is outstanding.
  • North of Bastia there are many beaches and cliffs that can be really impressive to newcomers. Porto's gulf boasts magnificent sceneries, mysterious and seducing at once. Many places like marine reserves are protected by uneSCO as world jewels like Scandola and Piana.
  • This beauty is foremost due to nature.Its natural park located form Calvi to Porto-Vecchio has a number of lacal animal species to discover. Lavezzi islands and Sanguinaires ("Bloody") Islands are also worth a visit.


  • If you have the chance to drive there, you will see roads are a never-ending bend, and driving here can become an actual sporting activity. The roads are narrow so take care. There is no straight road or really few.

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