Corsica Hotels

Corsica is nicknamed ‘Island of Beauty’ and is renowned for being an important touristic area. However the accommodations offer of the region somewhat lags behind if compared to the Metropolitan France and especially given the many assets Corsica boasts. Nevertheless for the past decade several projects have been carried out in order to develop this sector. The holiday housing stock of the region has thereof been constantly improving and gained on average one star.

The region accounts for 145 camp sites with a comfort category ranking from 1 to 4 stars. There are 373 hotels with 11,000 bedrooms at your disposal and most of them are 2 or 3 star ones. Deluxe hotels are very sought-after by the foreign clientele then if you want to spend some time in one of them, you should plan your stay early. It is also interesting to notice that independent hotels are there far more numerous than chain hotels; good news as it means you are more likely to find a very typical atmosphere.

Public surveys show the following cities are among those most appreciated by visitors:
1 Ajaccio 2 Bastia
3 Bonifacio 4 Calacuccia
5 Cervione 6 Corbara
7 Murato 8 Pigna
9 Porto Vecchio 10 ...

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