Corsica Road Network and Travel

Corsica's road network has been fashioned by the huge mountains of the island.

Roadsigns are displayed in two languages, French and Corsu (an old Corsican language close to Italian) in Corsica.

The traffic is constantly increasing, most of the inhabitants transport being made by car. For the last decade the traffic has been growing by 20% on average.

To get to Corsica by road, just go to one of the following cities and take a ferry. Here are the main links between inland France and Corsica:

  • Nice-Ajaccio
  • Nice-Bastia
  • Toulon-Ajaccio
  • Toulon-Bastia
  • Nice-Calvi
  • Nice-Ile Rousse
  • Toulon-Ile Rousse

The ferry crossing is swift and easy. You can sleep and eat aboard depending on the type of ferries. Prices can be as cheap as £130 for a return trip with your car, while booking in advance.

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