Corsica Travel by Sea

Ferries to Corsica depart from French ports Marseille, Toulon and Nice, and from Italian ports in Savona, Genova and Livorno. Corsican harbours are in L'ille Rousse, Calvi, Ajaccio, Propriano, Porto Vecchio and Bastia. The shortest routes - less than four hours by a fast boat - connect Nice with Calvi and Livorno with Bastia. These two lines are also the cheapest ones.

Four companies operate ferries between the island and France or Italy:

  • Corsica Ferries
  • SNCM
  • CMN
  • Moby

The shortest crossings are between Nice and Calvi or Livorno and Bastia. The journey in these two routes takes about four hours and the ferries go at least twice a day even during the low season.

When choosing the best route, you should consider:

  • Your final destination in Corsica.
  • Which port in the continent is your closest one.

If you are going to stay in the western coast of Corsica, ferries from Nice to Calvi, Ajaccio or Propriano seem to be the best option. If you come from Spain or Western France, departing from Marseille or Toulon will save you some drive, but the ferries are more expensive there. If you go to Bastia, Corte or Eastern coast of Corsica, Livorno is the best starting point followed by Savona and Nice.

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