Corsica Weather and Climate

Corsica is a French island located in the Mediterranean Sea. This region of France is renowned for its warm weather and climate throughout the year and especially for its sweetness during winter.

  • This French island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and thus it soaks in the warmth of the Mediterranean climate. Thanks to its location, the Corsican weather enjoys the effects of a micro climate on the littoral. It gives it mild temperatures all year long. Corsican temperatures are quite different between the littoral, where the weather is quite cool but always pleasant and the weather in the mountains where some peaks of temperatures (low temperature) can be observed. Indeed Corsican winters are icy and summers in the French region are really muggy (in the mountainous areas).
  • Corsica benefits from 2,737 sunshine hours a year; the climate is really hot and dry but stays bearable though. This region can also receive bountiful precipitation during short periods can be quite violent. They can reach around 650 mm a year and are foremost located in the mountains.
  • Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and the blend of violent precipitation as well as the dry weather, this isle is one of the most verdant Mediterranean isles. Indeed the forests cover an important party of the island and benefit from the rainfalls which help them growing.
  • If your are looking for some heavenly places to stay for living or just for holidays, you cannot miss Corsica. The idyllic weather as well as the wonderful environment make Corsica a real piece of paradise.

Corsica Climate

Climate Type Mediterranean.
Average Temperature Summer: 27.2°c, Winter 13°c.
Average sunshine 2,737 hours per year (Ajaccio).
Average rainfall Summer: 16.6 mm, Winter: 67.2 mm. Equivalent to 645.6 mm per year (Ajaccio).

Corsica Weather Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm)
January 8.6° 73.8
February 9,0° 69.7
March 10.1° 58.1
April 12.4° 52.0
May 15.7° 40.2
June 19.1° 19
July 21.9° 11
August 22.1° 19.9
September 19.9° 43.6
October 16.7° 87
November 12.6° 95.9
December 9.6° 75.5

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