Corsica Wine

Corsica is an island located to the south of France, in the Mediterranean sea. The place is renowned for its outstanding beaches and really gorgeous sceneries but also produces definitely worth a tasting wines.

Corsica French wines are subtle rosé as well as (rare) dry white wines. Fine reds complete the offer. These wines are generally sipped young and chilled, as aperitifs. Corsica wine is ideal to accompany light meals. Many of the island wines and drinks originate from Italia.

The best Corsica wines

  • Patrimonio This wine is famous as the classic Corsican appellation and its quality is constantly growing. Corsican reds and whites are increasingly famous even out of the island. Patrimonio rosé wines are also growing fine wines. Patrimonio wine have a pretty strong character that originate from the soil, that is foremost composed of clay and limestone. This Corsican wine is full-bodied but still light and fruity.
  • Ajaccio The Ajaccio French wine boasts the highest wine region in France. Most of its vineyards are located 500 m and above. This Corsica wine benefits form the warm weather, and the sea all around provides it with a very particular flavour too. This French wine fully benefits from the Corsican environment thus it is light coloured, fruity and has an obvious pepper flavour once in mouth. The soil in the area where the Ajaccio wine is produced is made of granite.
  • Cap Corse Wine This white wine is pretty rare and much appreciated by winelovers, indeed it is clearly the best white wine in Corsica.
  • Sartene Wine This is an excellent wine, and the red San Michele is definitely a must-taste. These Corsican wines are often fruity and warm.

Corsica is a region of France offering surprising wines. It also produces several traditional aperitif drinks and beers.

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