Franche-Comté Tuyé Farmhouses

The Tuyé farmhouse is a rare but extremely traditional house existing in Franche-Comté. It may be the only region in France to have such a regional house type. The Tuyé property was originally the house of mountain farmers or breeders.

The name of the house, Tuyé house, originates from the name of the massive chimney taking place in the main room that was used to heat the house obviously but also to cure meat in smoke. Ham and various sausages were smoked in the furnace for weeks, sometimes for months.

Outside, the traditional Franche-Comté tuyé house is massive. This is explained by the original need to provide a shelter for both human beings and the animals. Winters in this foremost mountainous region are cold and long.

The ground floor of the property is made of stone, the roof and walls being insulated thanks to wood or steel framing (called Tavaillon by specialists and locals), depending upon the exact location of the house. The rest of the house is made of wood, obviously alpine spruce that grows nearby.

Massive dimensions of the Franche-Comté tuyé house

It is difficult to find and buy such a house today but many of them still exist in the Jura mountains so you may find your dream house in Franche-Comté. Why not have a look at our property portfolio by clicking below?

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