Franche-Comté Golf Courses and Clubs

Franche-Comté is France's greenest region. Trees and mountains surround the French region, making it ideal for golf players searching quiet, spectacular environments to play their favorite sport or spend golfing holidays in Franche-Comté.

  • With its really particular geography, Franche-Comté may not seem like a golfer's paradise since flat land is rare. But anyone interested in Golf should come and play in one of the 12 golf courses of this region of France.

One of these outstanding golf courses is the Château de Bournel course. Located in the middle of an English-style park, surrounding the 19th Century Château, the course was well designed since the hundred-year-old trees were preserved and a good use was made of the naturally terraced landscape.

  • The golf course of Rochat, located next to the Russet-RougeLake boasts a beautiful river background.
  • Very close to Besancon, in the Doubs French department, the golf course of Chevillotte is located at the heart of a splendid park.
  • There are more golf courses in the north of the region, like Prunevelle’s pleasant 18 holes, the Rougemont course - a castle in the middle of a forest - or the 18 holes at Luxeuil-Bellevu, that is open all year long. This French region is definitely welcoming for golf players. Plus Franche-Comté is easily reachable by train or plane and many golfing holidays can thus be planned there - Change of scene guaranteed, though you're still in France!


  • Pontarlier les Etraches Golf Course

    La Grange des Pauvres,

    25300 Pontarlier

  • Prunevelle Golf Course

    Ferme des Petits Bans,

    25420 Dampierre-Sur-Le Doubs

  • Besançon Golf Course

    La Chevillotte,

    25620 Mamirolle

  • Bournel Castle Golf Course

    25680 Cubry


  • Chapelle-Voland Golf Course

    Le Golf 39140 Chapelle-Voland

  • Val d'Amour Golf Course

    39150 Parcey

  • Saint-Claude Golf Course

    39200 Villard-Saint-Sauveur

  • Rochat (Les Rousses) Golf Course

    Route du Noirmont,

    39220 Les Rousses

  • Mont-Saint-Jean Golf Course

    39220 Les Rousses

  • Golf de Lons-le-Saunier Golf Course


    39570 Lons-le-Saunier


  • Luxeuil-Bellevue Golf Course

    RN 57, 70240 Genevrey


  • Rougemont le Château Golf Course

    Route de Masevaux,

    90110 Rougemont-le-Château

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