Franche Comte Hotels

Franche-Comté is still a little-known area even if it has many assets to enjoy. Tourism has however been growing steadily for a few years, amenities and facilities for visitors have then been developed.

  • The hotel stock is concentrated on the big towns while mountainous areas tend to offer more holiday flats; the countryside for its part has numerous lovely guest houses.
  • The region accounts for 318 ranked hotels, most of them have 2 or 3 stars. The distribution in terms of both geographical location and the guest occupancy varies along with the departments. Doubs boasts the widest offer with 41.8 % of the accommodation stock, followed by Jura (38%), Haute-Saône and last Territoire de Belfort.
  • Half of the regional outdoor accommodations are to be found in the Jura department and 2 star camp sites are the most widespread.
  • As far as self-catering cottages are concerned, half of them have 3 épis (épis being the gîtes equivalent to hotel stars) and they are mostly located in Jura.

Public surveys show the following cities are among those most appreciated by visitors:
1 Arbois 2 Belfort
3 Besançon 4 Dole
5 Gray 6 Lons-le-Saunier
7 Montbéliard 8 Salins-les-Bains
9 ... 10 ...

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