Franche-Comté Train Stations and Rail Network

TER Franche-Comté is the regional rail network serving the Franche-Comté région, France.

Since the convention signed in 2002 for a duration of 5 years, between Jean-François Humbert, then president of the Regional council of Franche-Comté and Noël Belin, then regional director of the SNCF, the regional council of Franche-Comté is the organising authority of regional transports. A new agreement, signed on the 21st December 2006, by Raymond Forni, president of the Conseil Régional de Franche-Comté and Josiane Beaud, regional directeur of the SNCF, and Anne-Marie Idrac, president of the SNCF, from 2007-2012.

Here is a list of the main train axes:

  • The axes Dijon-Dole-Besançon and Besançon-Montbéliard-Belfort: these to axes form in reality only one, called the axe Saône-Doubs. It constitutes the backbone of trips in Franche-Comté with 60% of the passengers and 60% of the Gross profit. It's along this axe that pass highways, canals and railways.
  • Axe of the Revermont : Besançon-Lons-le-Saunier-Bourg-en-Bresse.
  • Besançon-Morteau-La Chaux-de-Fonds : this line has been certified by french normes in 2005.
  • Belfort-Épinal
  • Dijon-Pontarlier
  • Dole-Saint-Claude: this line is called the ligne des hirondelles (line of swallows)
  • Montbéliard-Belfort-Vesoul
  • Morez-Bourg-en-Bresse-Lyon

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