Franche-Comté Weather and Climate

  • Franche-Comté is an inland region of France located in the East of France, close to the border with Switzerland. As a result this region receives a continental weather with hot summers and cold and long winters due to the altitude.

    Springs and Autumns are really mild and quite sunny. The climate of Franche-Comté is really similar to the Alsace’s one.

  • The Franche-Comté region is situated between the Vosges in the north and the Jura in the south. As a consequence of this location the climate of this region is really variable. This region can get bountiful rainfall all year long, but can know really dry years.

    If summers can be really hot because of the reliefs, the climate is always quite damp in this French region.

  • Franche-Comté benefits from 1,871.8 sunshine hours a year. The Jura’s peaks are snow-covered a long part of the year though.

  • Thanks to the humidity but also the presence of sunny hours, this region of France is one of the most verdant; the wet grounds allow the presence of numerous lakes, a real pleasure for the walk lovers who will also enjoy some hiking in the many forests of Franche-Comté.

  • As you notice in the average Franche-Comté temperatures table below, the temperature is cold during the winter months. Also there are mild spring and autumn months whilst summer is really hot.

Franche-Comté Weather Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm)
January 1.6° 91.1
February 3.3° 81.8
March 6.1° 83.5
April 9.4° 91.6
May 13.3° 111.4
June 16.5° 100.1
July 18.9° 80.5
August 18.3° 86.9
September 15.7° 93.2
October 11.3° 85.8
November 5.6° 103.7
December 2.1° 99

Franche-Comté Climate

Climate Type Continental.
Average Temperature Summer: 17.9°c, Winter: 2.3°c.
Average sunshine 1871.8 hours per year (Besancon).
Average rainfall Summer: 89.16 mm, Winter: 90.63 mm. Equivalent to 1108.5 mm per year (Besançon).

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