Franche-Comté Wine

Franche-Comté is a region located in the east of France, next to the Swiss border. Thanks to a blend of humidity and to a favourable climate, Franche-Comté produces amazing wines.

Franche-Comté Yellow Wine

Top Tip! This region offers white, red and rosé wines but more surprisingly, Franche-Comté offers a yellow wine, called Vin Jaune. This is the only French region to call a wine this way, but you will be even more stunned by the taste of this fine wine.

Issued from one unique varietal, the Savagnin, this French wine has to age 6 years and few months in a barrel where it will develop its taste. You can purchase it in bottle of 62cl also sometimes called Clavelin, which is as scarce as this yellow wine. Indeed after 6 years in barrel, it just remains 62 cl out of one litre of wine.

The long time spent in barrel enables this Vin Jaune to develop a really delicious aroma, leaving a long finish on the palate. The taste of Vin Jaune will remind you of the almond taste.

Tip: another particularity of this succulent Franche-Comté wine is that this traditional produce can be kept between 50 and 100 years in cellar. You will appreciate its finesse when consumed with Foie Gras or any refined dish.

Franche-Comté Red and Rosé Wines

  • The Poulsard: characterized by its finesse and elegance, this French wine can be kept over 10 years in the cellar. Its bouquet will definitely enhance the savour of any refined meat and also of the typical French cooked meats (vins d’Arbois, Cote du Jura).
  • The Trousseau: It produces a full-bodied wine, robust and really aromatic; this wine can be kept over 30 years in the cellar (Côte du Jura, Arbois).

Tip: these fine wines will be particularly harmonious with red meats.

Franche-Comté White Wine

  • Mainly issued from Chardonnay and Savagnin, these fine white wines deliver a fruity bouquet. Their powerful intensity will accompany with success any local specialities like the outstanding Comté cheese.
  • You will appreciate to visit this beautiful region of France which will surprise you by its beauty, its sceneries, its gastronomy as well as the accent people have over there.

Through the wine you will sip, you will just be totally soaked with this traditional culture. If you have the opportunity to taste some of these Franche-Comté wines, you will maybe have the luck to taste the Vin de Paille (straw wine) typical from this area of France.

The local straw wine is really rare and expensive due to the tedious work it demands and the low output of alcohol grapes furnish.

Tip: this Franche-Comté traditional wine has to be consumed as aperitif or with Foie Gras and deserves to be served chilled in order to be savoured the local way.

Generally speaking, you will be surprised by Franche-Comté, which will offer you an amazing area of France to visit and appreciate, with stunning traditional specialities you will enjoy to discover.

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